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3 Strategies to Succeed in an Oversaturated Market
May 28, 2018
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How to Recover From a Social Media Blunder
June 15, 2018
4 Ways to Generate More Money From Your Website

Whether you are a product- or service-based business, you will most likely have a website or are in the process of creating one.

So you’ve contracted your website to a web design agency, your website is completed, nicely done and fully functional, then the big question pops in your head…

“How Do I Make Money From My Website”

Although this might seem like an obvious question. However I believe that every successful website is broken down into two elements: the visual and the strategic. 

Know this…

While having a visually appealing website is important for any entrepreneur, knowing how to have it grow your business is just as essential.

I’m going to share with you four things that you can implement on your own website (even with little traffic) to help generate more income to support your business online.

1. Become an e-tailer.

If you have goods or services to sell, your blog or website is a great place to do  that directly. Whether you a fashion outlet, a photographer or you offer consulting services,  your website could be a great asset to showcasing your products and services online.

Besides offering any number of physical goods, you might also sell digital products (e-books, softwares), tickets to events at your brick-and-mortar business, or memberships to your a closed group where you educate people. Lots of  entrepreneurs, teens included, make big money with their online wares, so don’t be afraid to think big.

2. Selling to Email subscribers 

Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing tactic. It’s also top-rated for retaining customers, and nurturing people from leads into customers. In other words, it works for every phase of the customer lifecycle: Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, and Retention.

An email list is worth far more than all social media platforms and followers combined because you own your email list. Despite how effective and affordable email is, there is one critical requirement for email marketing success. You will need subscribers.

There are dozens of ways to get more subscribers from your website, but here are a few practical ones that work well; 

  1. Offering an incentive for sign-ups i.e you collect visitor emails in exchange for something valuable like a monthly newsletter, free webinar or ebook.
  2. Run a facebook/instagram contest where fans sign-up to paticipate.

3. Build an online course or seminar.

This falls in the paid-content ballpark but can be more interactive than simply posting digital goods for sale. Perhaps you offer valuable coaching, seminars or instruction. You can use Skype, videos, podcasts or all three, in addition to printable materials.
Build an audience with interesting free content that will entice them to pay to learn more.

“An online course is an excellent way to monetize your website or blog. Bloggers who have established authority and the trust of their audience can offer a set of skills in a packaged deal, saving their customers the time, effort and stress of collecting all of that knowledge elsewhere.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and successful ways to make money with a website or blog.

The way affiliate marketing works is quite simple. For every lead, sale or action you send to a specific website (with an affiliate program), you will earn a commission.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that not only are you gaining a commission for every purchase that came from your referral but by recommending products that will help your audience get results, you are also increasing your credibility.

In closing: 

These are just some ways to help generate more money from your website, but I hope you can see that there is so much more behind it then just a few quick tricks or listing your products online. It may seem like a bit of work initially but the pay off will be much greater in the long run.

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