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5 Tips to Getting Paid Faster
May 15, 2018
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May 22, 2018

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

I know what you’re thinking – is there really a way to easily use Instagram for business, and can you really capture leads on Instagram? The answer to both questions is a resounding, yes.

There will always people in need of the product and service you offer, however your business can be suffering if you don’t know how to position your brand in front of them.

In this post i would show you proven tips on how optimizing your business on Instagram can help you grow your brand faster and always be attracting the ideal clients.

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network, having gone from 600 million to 800 million active users in the past 12 months – and that’s before you consider the rising use of Instagram Stories (now up to 300 million daily active users).

Here are five tips to help optimize your Instagram presence, and ensure you make the most of your opportunities on the platform.

  1. Convert your account to a Business Profile

If you’re treating your business’s Instagram account the same way you’re treating your personal account, you’re missing out on key optimizations.

Not only do business profiles allow you to display additional information, such as a contact button, they also provide some handy analysis tools.

Most important though, Instagram now allows business pages with more than 10,000 followers to add links to their stories.

With few exceptions, the link in your bio section is the only opportunity you are granted to get users from Instagram to your website or landing page.

What do you have going on on Instagram at this moment? Are you running a giveaway? Promoting a significant sale? Use your bio link to direct users to your current push.

 Your bio is usually the first things users see when they land on your account. A strong bio can improve brand both brand perception and discoverability while driving more clicks to your CTA.

2. Be creative with contents

Visuals are the main currency of Instagram.

One of your goals on Instagram is to get users to stop scrolling when they get to your image. You want followers to like or leave a comment, which means your visuals have to be compelling and recognizable.

When you decide to have a business Instagram account, you want to consider sharing compelling content your followers won’t be able to find anywhere.

Think about the kind of visuals you like—subject, quality, backgrounds, ideas—and try to replicate that with the photos you share on your account. Worried you won’t have something visually compelling to share?

Think about the following business opportunities to snap photos with your phone and upload directly to your Instagram for business page:

  • Your office. You could take photos of the team’s offices. Everyone has individual taste when it comes to their workspace. This may be interesting to those who might buy from you.
  • Community events. Your employees have lives outside of work. Think about encouraging them to take appropriate photos or video for you to use on the business’s Instagram page.
  • Celebrations. Many organizations celebrate new babies, birthdays, work anniversaries and more.

3. Use Hashtags Effectively (#)

Like Facebook or Twitter, you can use hashtags on Instagram that can help you attract new followers.

“A hashtag provides an easy way to search similar topics for people who are interested in what you’re posting” 

You should familiarize yourself with a few popular hashtags—#throwbackthursday or #TBT, #ootd (Outfit of the Day) or #selfie—and category-specific ones that apply to your business.

Your best bet is to research the hashtags being used by your target audience (not just the most popular ones) and then test them within your own posts.

The goal is to gain new followers who might eventually buy from you. Using a hashtag is an easy and effective way for them to find you via your Instagram business page.

PRO TIP:  Put your hash tags in the first comment on each post instead of your image caption.

4. Tell Your Story

Instagram Stories has also grown at a rapid pace, doubling its audience from 150 million daily users in January last year, to 300 million in November – and far out-pacing the growth of Snapchat (178 million DAU), from which the function was essentially copied.

If you’re looking to utilize Instagram, you need to be considering Stories. As more and more people become aware of the Stories format, the potential value of the option continues to increase.

How do you get your post to the top of Instagram feeds? Stories!

When you post a story, you will get prime real estate at the top of Instagram feeds for 24 hours, making Stories the perfect platform for content pushes you don’t necessarily want to live forever (though you can archive your stories).

What’s more, Instagram upped the value of Stories in December by adding in their Stories Archive and Highlights functions. These new tools will enable users to keep their Stories content indefinitely, and display them in a new section on their profile, maximizing their use.

4. Run promotions/Ads

Turn followers into customers

So far, you’ve created recognition, collaborated with others, and given followers some behind-the-scenes looks into your brand. Now, how do you turn these followers into customers?

You can run a variety of promotions/Ads to introduce your products and services to consumers.

Small businesses must consider Instagram advertising as a way to promote their business.

With Instagram’s advanced targeting options, you can inexpensively reach users based on location, age, education level, marital status, and more.

Want great results from Instagram, but don’t have the time to manage a campaign yourself? Reach out to the experts at xplicitweb and they will create a social media campaign specialized for your small business. If you invest in both a social media campaign and a traffic campaign to maximize results, your first month is free.  Click to learn more

BONUS: Online Tools to Measure Your Instagram Business Effectiveness

Of course, increased followers, engagement and impressions are nice, but where the real pedal meets the metal is whether your efforts drive business results. So how do you know if Instagram is actually affecting your sales?

There are several platforms to help you track effectiveness.

  • SumAll: Provides analytics for more than just Instagram. You can track social media, commerce and Web analytics all in one daily email. It’s free and as easy to set up as signing in with one of your social networks.
  • SproutSocial: Centralizes all of your social media efforts. Though you can use it for more than your Instagram for business results, it’s nice to have everything in one spot.
  • CombinCombin is an Instagram growth tool aimed at organic audience attraction. Powerful search ability lets you find accounts and posts from your targeted audience by
    • hashtag,
    • location,
    • hashtag+location, and
    • among followers and
    • commenters of your competitors.
  • Linktree : Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. In Instagram you have one link in bio to house all the content you’re driving followers to. Manage how that link works with this free Instagram tool.
  • Social InsightSocial Insight is an Instagram tool that runs a thorough analysis of your account. You can follow your account growth, interactions, and engagement. The main features allow you to estimate the best time for posting content and gain data on the followers (gained and lost ones). You can also see the information on the average engagement.

If you’re on the fence about using Instagram for your business, now’s the time to get started. With more users than Twitter and an increasing set of features like Stories, Instagram is becoming more popular than many established social media platforms.

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